Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aries Rising by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Star Crossed: Aries Rising
Hill, Bonnie Hearn, Aries Rising. Running Press Kids, 2010. Pgs 304. Language: PG (1 swear, no “f”s), Violence: PG, Sexual Content: PG

Logan McRae loves writing. Her wish for the summer is to go to a summer writing camp in Monterey. She also wants to be semi-popular in school so she can land Nathan, the hottest senior around, as her boyfriend. These feats seem impossible until she discovers a book called Fearless Astrology. With this book, and people’s birthdays, she’s able to figure out what personality tendencies teachers have, the school newspaper editor, and Nathan, landing her the boy of dreams, the column of her dreams, and the recommendation she needs for her writing camp. When things get out of hand, however, and a rumor gets spread that Logan is going to identify the Gears, a group of students who are terrorizing and vandalizing the school and teacher’s personal property, Logan steps up to the plat and starts using astrology and a website she finds online to figure out when the Gears will strike next. The Gears, however, get intimidated and start trying everything they can, even dangerous tactics, to stop her from identifying them. Will Logan figure out the Gears in time or will the Gears do something dangerous to her and them?

A fun, fast read that has some unexpected humor interspersed. The characters are complex and likable, even the school bullies. The plot is intense and enjoyable. Readers who like realistic fiction, friendship stories, mysteries, and a little bit of romance will enjoy reading this book. MS. ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

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