Monday, January 4, 2010

A Savage Thunder by Murphy

Murphy, Jim. A Savage Thunder : Antietam and the Bloody Road to Freedom, 89 pgs. (plus notes and sources, bibliography, and index). Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster), 2009.
Filled with illustrations, maps, photographs, and quotes from the period, this is a concentrated look at one key battle of the Civil War. With minimum background information, the reader is taken straight to the hours leading up to this epic battle that changed the course of history. It will be poured over by those kids intrigued by the politics and mechanics of war. It will confuse those without much background knowledge or interest in the details of war. It is good supplementary material for any unit on the Civil War.
MS - Advisable.
Reviewed by P.K. Foster, teacher-librarian.

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