Saturday, January 9, 2010

City of Fire by Laurence Yep

Yep, Laurence, City of Fire, 308 pages. Tom Doherty associates, LLC, 2009. Language-G (no swears no "F") sexual content-G, violence-PG. Scyrie's family comes from a long, proud nation: the Kushon. In an eventful trip to a museum, her sister gets killed. Scyrie vows to avenge her sister and drags herself into a war between her acquaintance Bayang and her clan, and a powerful dragon trying to destroy her clan. On the way they meet two boys, Leech and Koko, who have been living on the streets their whole lives. In their journey, they meet up with Goblins, Gnomes, and even a goddess! I really loved this book, though it was a little confusing at first, because I just really like fantasy books, especially with a lot of action. ES-MS – OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: BT

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