Saturday, January 9, 2010

RAGE by Julie Ann Peters

Peters, Julie Anne, RAGE: A love story, KNOPF, inc.. 2009, Language-R (45+ f's - after only part of the book), Sexual Content- R; Violence- G; Good- girl Johanna is in love with bad-girl Reeve. Johanna has her own way of life in her head while Reeve is living it. Can Johanna live her dreams with Reeve by her side? Or will Reeve get to Johanna first? I had to stop reading this book because it offended me with its overt sexuality (even if it were a girl and a boy, it would have been too much for me) and it swore too much! This book was horrible! HS- NO, AS

Note: regardless of the sexuality of the protagonist, this book is very in-your-face in describing the abusive relationship. It is definitely too mature for middle school and only appropriate for your most mature readers. --Cindy

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