Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3 by P.J. Haarsma

Haarsma, P.J. Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3 (Softwire #3), 378 p. Johnny and the others are moving on to Orbis 3. But this time they are not slaves – they have a guardian and are going to school with the children of the citizens. The citizens don’t like it much, but they have no choice, especially when Johnny and the others have the highest test scores in the history of Orbis 3, beating the pants off the “regular” students. Entertainment here revolves around Lyld-den-oo, a game that the space kids know as Quest-Nest. Johnny and a few others will be drawn into a life-or-death version of the game, at the mercy of a group of wormhole pirates, one of which seems to have a personal vendetta against Johnny. This kind of space novel is more for hardcore space fans, a much smaller audience than your fantasy readers. I like Johnny and his friends, but you will have to point students at it. MS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher


Lisa said...

Just thought I'd comment and tell you I appreciate your blog! I have gone through and made a list for my son and have gotten quite a few of your recommendations for him from the library. Question: Have you reviewed "I am David" by Ann Holm? I just finished it and it's hard for me to tell what age level it would be appropriate for. I liked it, but you seem to have a better handle on what would be good for certain ages. BTW, I'm Renae Salisbury's daughter-in-law--she recommended your site to me.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi Lisa! I love Ranae! Lucky you to be related! I am David was originally published as North To Freedom - that's just a bit of trivia for you - and then was renamed when a movie (which I have never seen) was made based on the book. Any way - It is very popular in my school - ages 7,8,9 - While a younger student would probably be able to read the book without any problem, I'm not sure that they would actually appreciate it.

So, I guess my answer is, someone as young as 5th grade could easily read the book, but if they reread it when they are a bit older, they will get much more out of it.