Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dani Bennoni by Bart Moeyaert

Moeyaert, Bart Dani Bennoni: Long May he Live, 93 p. Front Street, 2008 (2004). Sexual Content: PG-13. Language: PG. Translated from the original Flemish. Bing is home, without his big brother Mone who has been drafted in to the Belgian army in 1939. When Bing tries to get the local soccer star to teach him how to play, so that he can play with Mone when he returns, Dani refuses and Bing decides to get revenge – ultimately setting up the revealing of the secret that Bing thought he held over Dani’s head. This novel is more obscure than it is illuminating or entertaining. NO. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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Bart Moeyaert said...

Dear Cindy Mitchell,
Life is not always entertaining, illuminating, 'light', so I understand you're searching for those qualities in books. If all authors would write what you wish (entertainment, illumination, lightness) literature would be very boring. Uninteresting.
I'm sorry to read you dislike my novel.
Best regards,
Bart Moeyaert, the author of 'Dani Bennoni', a story with a true ground (but I understand truth always has to be told in an entertaining, illuminating and 'light' way)