Saturday, June 13, 2009

Winter Wood by Steve Augarde

Augarde, Steve Winter Wood, 504 p. David Fickling (Random House), 2009. $17.99. Content: G. Who knew that after all these years that Midge’s great-great aunt Celandine was still alive. The Various need Celandine to keep her promise, but she cannot, or will not, rememeber the tiny people – or what she did with the Orbis. Without the Orbis, the Various will not survive much longer in this world. It is up to Midge to pursue the secret and put together the pieces of the puzzle. It’s been awhile since Celandine (number 2 in the series) was published – and since then the covers have been reworked – THANK GOODNESS! It was so hard to sell these books to students with the bland covers! Now the covers match the adventures MUCH better! If you ahven’t bought the series before, do it now, making sure you get the new covers. EL, MS, HS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library-Teacher

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