Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spirits in the Park by Scott Mebus - ADVISABLE

Mebus, Scott Spirits in the Park (Gods of Manhattan 2), 372 p. Dutton (Penguin), 2009. $17.99.

Content: G (some tension and a small amount of violence).

For the last month, Rory Hennessy has been secretly protected from danger by the M’Garoth Clan, but his idyll is about to end. The Trap around Central Park that is holding the spirits within is becoming more violent in its attempts to loosen. Rory must combine efforts with the Rattle Watch and trust his little sister, too, if he not only wants to lower The Trap safely, but also wants to ensure that the Park spirits and the City Spirits don’t kill each other on sight.

The cast of spirit characters gets larger and the plot gets more complicated in this sequel. The danger and adventure are even greater; the only thing I worry about is that kids who are too young to know much history won’t be as amused by the names and titles of the Mannahatta Gods and other characters. It really is a fine adventure.


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