Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forget Me Not by Coleen Murtagh Paratore - ADVISABLE

Paratore, Coleen Murtagh Forget Me Not. Scholastic Press, 2009.

Content: G


Willa has a great life. Her boyfriend, JFK and her were voted most compatible couple at Bramble Academy, she has a great step-father, and now she gets to plan her Aunt Ruthie’s wedding! Thing take a turn for the worst, however, when Willa and her boyfriend seem to be drifting apart. With baseball season starting and new girls to draw his interest away, Willa seems to be taking a backseat! Even her friends are starting to hang out with other people who are intolerable. When Aunt Ruthie turns out to be Bridezilla, Willa has to use all of her determination to keep herself from going crazy. When a dog appears in her life, however, things start to look up when a mysterious boy starts appearing out of nowhere and making JFK jealous. Who is the mysterious boy? Who does the dog belong to? Does JFK still like her?

Filled with humor and observations that are true to teenage life, this book is a great addition to any library. Girls will enjoy the unique perspective and mishaps Willa has to face. They may also enjoy the prequels to this series (Wedding Planner's Daughter, The Cupid Chronicles, and Willa at Heart)

Reviewer:Kira-Youth Services Librarian-HUN Public Library.

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