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I Hope This Doesn't Find You by Ann Liang - ADVISABLE

I Hope This Doesn't Find You
by Ann Liang,
309 pages. Scholastic Press, 2024. $20 

Language: PG-13 (60 swears 0 's'); Mature Content: PG-13 (underage drinking, intense kissing) Violence:  G 



Sadie, a senior in high school, has spent her life working hard to be at the top of her class. Her one hurdle is Julius. According to Sadie, he is arrogant and self-absorbed, and has been competing with her since they were 7 years old. It doesn’t help that he simply infuriates her. She would like to let him know how mad he makes her, but would also rather avoid any kind conflict. Instead, she writes him emails, but Julius isn’t the only person on the receiving end of her scathing emails. She furiously writes emails to plenty of other classmates and teachers. Of course, she doesn’t send the emails out. Until the day they do mysteriously get sent out to everyone at the school. Now everyone is upset with Sadie. 

This was a light, easy, romance with a healthy dose of humor and I was surprised at how much I liked Sadie. She was such a contradiction. So intense and driven on one hand, and trying so hard to be genuinely nice on the other. The author adds depth to the story with family and friend issues, although I found it a little vague on how easily the emails were sent out. Overall, it was a good read. The characters are Asian. 

RB reviewer 

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