Sunday, August 23, 2020

Three Keys by Kelly Yang - ADVISABLE


Three Keys (Front Desk #2) by Kelly Yang, 288 pages Scholastic Press, 2020 $17 

Content: G. 



Mia Tang’s family (along with a bunch of investors) have bought the Calivista Hotel. Mia really enjoys working the front desk, with her best friend Lupe’s help, and is looking forward to a new year of school. Jason Yao isn’t in her class this year, but Lupe is. Their teacher, Mrs. Welsh, is a surprise. She doesn’t think Mia is as good a writer as last year's teacher and she supports Proposition 187 - which would prevent undocumented immigrants from coming to school if it passes in the election. This proposition is causing a lot of contention, at school, in the community and statewide. When Mia suggests Hank add “Immigrants Welcome” to the hotel’s sign, one of the investors is unhappy and threatens to pull his support, plus someone is leaving racist messages around the hotel. 

A great follow-up to Front Desk - Mia’s story continues on a larger scale, now it’s not just her immigration story but extends to her friends. Lupe struggles with her parent’s status, Mia’s mother makes friends, but although they are Chinese, they are prejudice, and of course, Mrs. Welch. I love the conversations Three Keys can generate, a great selection for book club or a class novel. 

Lisa Librarian

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