Friday, August 28, 2020

Running by Natalia Sylvester - OPTIONAL

by Natalia Sylvester
336 pages. Clarion Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), 2020. $18 

Language: PG13 (18 swears 4 'f'); Mature Content: PG; Violence: G. 



15yo Mariana Ruiz is the daughter of a Cuban-American Florida Senator who is running for President of the United States. As long as she can remember, he's been a politician, but there's something different about this election. Her parents are concerned about every little thing Mariana does, they even made her delete all her social media. When the kids at school start a protest about the contaminated water in Miami that is making lots of people sick, Mariana discovers that her father's political priorities might be different than her own. Now she has more to worry about than the tabloids and the news shows. 

I loved the perspective - daughter of a presidential candidate who wasn't a huge socialite. Watching this family navigate the primaries while also dealing with Mariana's concerns was great. A well-written coming of age story, but I may have to hand sell it - politics with no teen romance. 

Lisa Librarian

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