Thursday, August 27, 2020

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo - HIGH

Clap When You Land
by Elizabeth Acevedo
432 page. Quill Tree Books (Harper Collins), 2020. $19

Language: R (17 swears 8 'f'); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG 13 (sexual assault) 



Camino's father works in New York City, but comes back to the Dominican Republic every year for the summer. This year, Camino waits at the airport only to find there has been an accident, the plane has gone down, her father is lost. In New York City, Yahaira learns that her father has been killed in a plane crash, the last time they spoke, there was an argument. Both girls are grieving their father, but they don't know that he was leading a double life, and that the girls are sisters. "I'm the child her father left her for in the summers. While she is the child my father left me for my entire life" 

Elizabeth Acevedo's novel in verse is told through two voices - the change in poetic voice between the American girl and the Dominican is brilliant, the story is poignant and sad. It's a multi-layered story, with grief, pain, tension, sexual assault, stalking, danger, love and crisis. I loved the universal emotions, reflected in the grief of the sisters, and the disconnect as cultural differences emerged. 

Lisa Librarian

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