Thursday, August 27, 2020

Forever Glimmer Creek by Stacy Hackney - ADVISABLE

Forever Glimmer Creek by Stacy Hackney, 307 pages. Simon and Schuster, 2020. $18

Content: G



Rosie lives with her mom in Glimmer Creek, Virginia. She has two best friends, Henry and Cam. They do everything together. Once a year a miracle occurs in Glimmer Creek. Rosie loves to make movies and she is making a documentary about the miracles. she doesn't just want to know about the miracles, she wants to discover what the miracles are and what causes them. A lot of things happen, and the friendship between the three best friends might not make it through all the stress. Henry disappears and how will they find him? She has never met her father and figures out a "sure" way that he will come to meet her.  

Hackney follows Rosie through hardships and frustrations. I like the book, I liked Rosie, and how I could see her growth and development through the book. I think middle school students would really like this book.


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