Monday, August 31, 2020

Milly and the Tale from Across the Street by Martha Langager Klopp - ADVISABLE

Milly and the Tale from Across the Street by Martha LangagerKlopp, 253 pages.Odin Opus Publishing, 2019. $10             

Content: G



 Milly has always wondered about the big house across the street. To her it seems mysterious, like secrets are hidden inside. If only she could get inside! During summer break from school a new family moves in the house and Milly quickly makes friends with the new girl, Cora. Milly and Cora spend a lot of time together and have great fun exploring the magnificent house. They find a secret room, filled with recipes for potions, and ingredients to make them. They have a great time trying the potions, and they actually work.! They are having the time of their lives, until they discover a menacing man, Lance, has made a potion that will take all the fun out of childhood forever. Will they be able to stop him before it is too late?        

 Wow! This was a fun tale of friendship, secrets and mystery. I loved the story of Milly and Cora, and how they rise to the occasion and make some pretty mature decisions. I liked how honest they were and how well they worked together with the potions. Potions like Canine Communications, Permanent Mood Enhancement, Human-Animal Conversation, and more. They worked liked real scientists in the secret room, with strange ingredients. They showed they knew how to follow directions, measuring, timing, mixing and stirring. I recommend this book. I read it in one sitting.       

 Ellen-Anita, LMS                                                                   

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