Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria Parr - OPTIONAL

Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria Parr.  306 pages. Candlewick Press, 2009; U.S. 2018. $17                 

Language: G (0 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: G; Violence: G



Astrid is the only child in her small community in Norway. She lives in Glimmerdal with her mom and dad. Mostly her dad, because her mom's work keeps her away sometimes. Astrid's best friend is a 70-something man. He builds fantastic sleds and Astrid loves to test run the sleds for Gunnvald. Gunnvald has been keeping secrets and one of those secrets will really  strain their friendship. A family with children visit the community and Astrid loves playing with children her own age. Another visitor comes that Astrid does not know, but all the grown-up knows.             

Having grown up in Norway myself this book brought back many childhood memories. Of course I loved the story. It was an easy read, and a good translation from Norwegian. I loved how Astrid always looked on the positive side and she was never afraid to give it everything she got. She is a believable character, and the reader is with her in good times and hard times. Astrid sounds like a fun kid and I feel like I know her and Gunnvald after reading this book.   I have recommended this title to several students at my school, and have only heard positive comments back.             

Ellen-Anita, Librarian

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