Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Our Dog Benji by Pete Carter - OPTIONAL

Our Dog Benji by Pete Carter, illustrated by James Henderson. PICTURE BOOK. EK Books (Exisle Publishing), 2017 $18.00.  


Benji the dog eats everything.  He anxiously awaits every meal and often travels around town looking for someone to share their food with him.  Benji loves everything from bugs to bones and green apples in the summer.  Benji's owner, a little boy, eats lots of things too, but not bugs or crumbs off the floor and especially not celery. 

This story is meant to encourage picky eaters to try new foods.  Although it talks about all the different kinds of foods the dog is willing to eat, it spends very little time on what the little boy eats. For a book meant to encourage a child to try new things it misses the mark a bit. 

Gina, Media Specialist

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