Monday, August 27, 2018

What Can a Citizen Do? by Dave Eggers - ESSENTIAL

What Can a Citizen Do? by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Shawn Harris. PICTURE BOOK. Chronicle Books, 2018. $18. 9781452173139



This book asks a series of questions about a citizen’s role in a community and attempts to answer them with ideas about small and large things young and old citizens alike can do. The answers include things like planting a tree and simply just caring. The book also explore what it looks like to be a part of a community - the good and the bad.

I really enjoyed this poetic call to arms for kids to get involved in their communities. I felt motivated after reading this to look around and do something. The art is very creative, done with cut paper and the illustrations represent many walks of life - children of color, boys wearing skirts, bears in pink pants. There is a lot in here to talk about and discuss with a class, making this an excellent addition to any classroom lesson on community or government or citizenship.  

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