Friday, August 10, 2018

Mascot by Antony John - ESSENTIAL

Mascot by Antony John, 336 pages.  HarperCollins, September 2018.  $17.

Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G



It’s been a year since the car accident that killed Noah’s father and landed Noah in a wheelchair as a paraplegic.  From an active life as a baseball catcher, he has been sidelined and is still struggling with grief of so many kinds.  Logan, who used to be his baseball partner is sarcastic and seems uncaring of Noah’s struggles.  Alyssa, a childhood friend, sticks by his side.  And then arrives Rueben aka Double-Wide; big, smart (and probably autistic), who is ready to stand by Noah in his well-meaning, but socially awkward way. Noah has not been participating in his physical therapy, and if he continues to not progress the insurance company will stop paying for it and he really will be chair bound forever.  But life has other plans for Noah. Alyssa gets sick of Logan and challenges him to a pitchoff, with far-reaching consequences. 

There is so much I want to tell you about this book!  And I’ve already told you way too much.  A reclusive retiree, two attitudy 4thgraders, a possible love interest for Noah’s mom, and even Mrs. Friendly, the cross-fit star PE teacher who Noah finds anything but friendly.  I loved each page as this story unfolded.  This is a book that could be read as a class and entertain and teach in equal measures.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian

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