Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Royal Rescue by Helen Perelman -- OPTIONAL

A Royal Rescue (Royal Sweets #1) by Helen Perelman, illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller. 65 pgs. CHAPTER BOOK. Aladdin Quix (Simon & Schuster), 2018. $17.

Content: G



It's Princess Mini's first day at the Royal Fairy Academy, and she's nervous about fitting in, following the rules, and excelling at her school work. But before she even gets to school, she discovers a troll in need of assistance. Maybe she can have a good day of learning and make a new friend in the process!

This is an extremely quick read. The font is huge, with lots of space between the lines, and there are cute illustrations on many of the pages (though not all, as with some very early chapter books). While the story is lovely and sugary-sweet, not much happens in it, and there are a lot of characters introduced, especially in the beginning, which could be confusing for young readers. This is ultimately a nice but rather forgettable story.

Sydney G., K-6 Library Media Specialist

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Tracy said...

Do you know what reading level this book is for?