Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thomas and the Dragon Queen by Shutta Crum - ADVISABLE

Crum, Shutta. Thomas and the Dragon Queen, illustrated by Lee Wildish. 266 pgs. Alfred K. Knopf (Random House), 2010. $15.99.

Content - G

 Thomas is a short squire with big ambitions. He’s only the son of a leather smith, but he wants to be a knight. He trains hard, despite being teased about his height and age. Thomas meets the princess and vows to protect her. When she is stolen by the dragon queen and all the knights are busy at war, Thomas starts his quest. He’s too short for a horse, so he takes a donkey. His father gives him a vest and his patron gives him a sword. On his journey, he meets a lake monster, saves a dolphin, and comes face to face with the dragon queen.

 The illustrations by Lee Wildish show Thomas’s vibrant personality and exciting adventure. A charming, gentle fantasy for those with small frames but big hearts.

 EL – ADVISABLE. Samantha, Public Librarian.

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Library Lady said...

I've enjoyed Shutta Crum's picture books, but have to admit I haven't read her chapter books yet. Thanks for the review - I might pick this one up!