Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Six Crows by Leo Lionni

Lionni, Leo. Six Crows, 32 pgs. Random House. 1988. $16.99. Language –G; Sexual Content –G; Violence –G; Lionni once again writes and illustrates a story that can lead to many discussions about friendship, cooperation and forgiveness. As a farmer tends to his wheat field, six hungry crows watch and wait for a meal. When the wheat ripens, the farmer builds a scarecrow to frighten the crows away. The crows have their own plans of getting rid the scarecrow, and in the end, farmer and crows come together with a peaceful solution. The brilliant collages are easy and fun to look at. We enjoyed reading this book together. This story teaches readers that it’s never too late to talk things over! EL - ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: SL

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