Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chavela and the Magic Bubble by Monica Brown - OPTIONAL

Brown, Monica Chavela and the Magic Bubble Illustrated by Magaly Morales 32pgs. Clarion Books, 2010. $16.00. PICTURE BOOK.

Chavela loves to chew gum. She can blow bubbles inside of bubbles and can even make animal shapes out of her bubbles. She abuelita recognizes that she is talented and buys her magic gum from the store. Once Chavela begins to chew it, she floats off into the air. She flew over forests and lands next to a sapodilla tree where she meets some children also chewing the magic gum. Chavela doesn't think she can get home, until the tree drops some sap, and she is able to chew it and float home.

This is an interesting story about how gum is made.

EL- OPTIONAL. Anna M - teacher.

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