Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Front of My House by Marianne Dubuc - ESSENTIAL

Dubuc, Marianne, In Front of My House, unpaged.  Kids Can Press, 2010.  $18.95.  PICTURE BOOK.  

In Front of My House is a whimsical celebration of a child's imagination and all the places it can travel. This story begins and ends in the front yard of a child.  But between those pages, the author takes the reader to mountains and mysterious caves, up to outer space, down into the ocean, and on a sailing ship.  We meet extraterrestrial creatures, the abominable snowman, a vampire and other whimsical characters!  

This book combines simple text with imaginative drawings that children can relate to.  Classrooms could use this book as an example to create their own class book.  One of our favorite books to date.  We enjoyed the mystery waiting behind each turn of the page!

EL- ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL

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