Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Secret Society by Tom Dolby

Dolby, Tom Secret Society 341 pgs.Harper Teen, 2009.  $16.99 Language- (16 swears, 0 "f"), Sexual Content- PG; Violence- R;   Imagine if there was a secret society that could get you anything you wanted,and all you had to do was keep it a secret. Imagine if you could get what ever career you wanted, and all you had to do was become successful at all costs. But it's not that easy. This society has dark secrets, unethical secrets, horrible secrets and methods. And they can never ever be exposed. I did not really like this book. Secret Society had a wonderful concept, but was not executed very well. The characters were drinking and doing drugs constantly, which distracted from the main idea. I also did not like the fact that every paragraph the character who was "speaking" would change. That made this book hard to read. Otherwise, this book has a very compelling idea, and would be a good book for others. HS-OPTIONAL  Student Reviewer: TIG

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