Friday, July 10, 2009

Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

Palmer, Robin Geek Charming, 288 p. Speak (Penguin), 2009. $7.99. Content: G. Dylan thinks that she is the hottest thing to ever hit Castle Heights High – she has the best clothes, the best friends and the best boyfriend. Then film geek Josh wants to capture Dylan’s life on camera as a college entry for USC’s program. At first Josh lets himself be pushed around, but that wears off quickly and the two settle into an easy friendship. Dylan’s world comes crashing down when she is rejected by her boyfriend and loses her social status at the same time. Josh might be there to pick up the pieces, but maybe not. Fans of Cindy Ella will pick this up and may be enchanted – but not quite as much. While Cindy was utterly lovable, Dylan is not – even after she might have learned her lesson. And from the title I expected the focus to be on Josh, not Dylan. MS, HS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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