Friday, November 5, 2021

Even and Odd by Sarah Beth Durst - ADVISABLE

 Even and Odd by Sarah Beth Durst, 288 pages. Clarion Books, 2021. $17 

Content: G 



Sisters Emma (Even) and her sister Olivia (Odd) have always known that they are not from Earth – they are from Firoth, a magical dimension. Their parents run a store for magical visitors and the girls are preparing for their level five exams at the Academy of Magic. Even is super excited and very worried, because her magic only works on even days. Odd’s magic woks on odd days, of course, but she isn’t even interested in the exams. Then on an even day when she is practicing her transformations, the magic stops – Even is stuck as a skunk. Even and Odd and the unicorn Jeremy sneak through the flickering portal to see if they can discover what is happening to the magic. Things in Firoth are jumbled indeed – actual pieces of land are moving out of place. It is only with determination and a kid’s ability to see through lies that the teens have a chance to save the families and their worlds. 

Durst, as always, has a deft hand with a new middle grade magical world. Her fount of creativity never seems to run dry. Even and Odd and Jeremy are heroic characters with a lot of humor and spunk. Keep adding to your Durst collection. 

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS

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