Monday, June 10, 2019

The Storyteller's Secret by Sejal Badani - ESSENTIAL

The Storyteller's Secret by Sejal Badani, 390 pages. Lake Union Publishing, 2018. $11.

Language: G (0 swears, 0“f”); Content: PG-13 (Sex on the page but not too descriptive); Violence: PG (Whipping)



Jaya, a New York City journalist, is suffering from the loss of her third miscarriage.  Unsure of what to do, she embarks on a journey to India.  Jaya is taken in by the sights and sounds of India, and especially the story told to her by her grandmother's servant, Ravi.  Ravi begins to unfold the secrets tucked away by her mother with the help of her grandmother Amisha.  Through her grandmother Amisha's courageous story, Jaya discovers the depth of her heritage and develops of greater understanding of her mother.           

Badani weaves a tale of tragedy, beautiful love, and loss.  I loved the characters in this book and the lessons each one was able to learn throughout the course of the book.  Amisha was a loving, intelligent woman born at the wrong time and in the wrong place, but was still able to rise above her situation. Ravi learned the value of others through the example of Amisha, and Jaya learned through great heartache and despair can come beautiful people.    

Reviewer: Jessica Nelson Media Specialist

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