Monday, June 3, 2019

Lizzie by Dawn Ius - NO

Lizzie by Dawn Ius, 336 pages. Simon Pulse, 2018. $17.99. 9781481490764



This story is an author’s interpretation of the historical “Lizzie Borden murder mystery”. Due to the fact that no one actually knows what really took place in real life, this story is purely fiction. In this rendition of the story, Lizzie Borden was a tormented 17 year old girl physically and emotionally abused by her father and stepmother. She often had blackouts believed to have been the result of her menstrual cycle. Lizzie has a passion for cooking and baking, which she uses as an outlet for her frustrations, and to feed the guests at the family’s B&B. She secretly falls in love with the new maid who has been hired.

This book is quite graphic and violent. It uses the “F” word many times, and also goes in to great details to describe the main character’s menstrual cycle throughout the book. It has a few interesting plot twists, and is a quick, easy read.

Reviewer: SL

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