Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Dragon Ridge Tombs by Tianxia Bachang - OPTIONAL

The Dragon Ridge Tombs (City of Sand #2) by Tianxia Bachang, 279 pages, Delacorte Press (Random House), 2018. $18.

Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence G



Tianyi is back on the tomb treasure hunt with his buddy Kai and a dodgy antiques dealer named Gold Tooth.  They travel to a remote location to find treasure and discover that the Dragon Ridge Tombs are a labyrinth death trap.  The three have to use everything at their disposal to navigate the perils of this tomb. They also discover that events from the first book tie into this one and may have put them in even greater danger. 

If you haven’t read book one, this could be confusing.  This is definitely a middle book.  It draws upon the adventures in the first book and will leave you wanting to know how this story ends.  It has been translated into English and is rife with Chinese myths and folklore, which is interesting.  This book seemed more readable than the first one, or maybe I just figured out Bachang’s writing style.  There is a huge section of backstory with this one, so be prepared. Even though the backstory slowed the pacing, there was still enough action and mystery keep it engaging    

Michelle in the Middle, Teacher

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