Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Collector by K.R. Alexander - ADVISABLE

The Collector by K.R. Alexander, 217 pages. Fiction (Mystery, horror!) Scholastic Books, 2018. $4.95.  978-1-338-21224-2

Content: G (tense, but not too scary)



Josie, her mom and her little sister Anna move from Chicago to the country after her mother loses her job. The family moves in with Grandma Jeanie who needs some care, she seems to be suffering from Alzheimer or dementia. Josie has a difficult time adjusting to her new school but finds a friend in spite of it all.  

The story carefully twists to bring the reader to the belief that maybe Grandma Jeanie knows more than Josie thinks. Josie is put in a scary position where she must save her little sister Anna and ends freeing the town from decades old curse.  I don’t usually like scary books but I do like a good mystery and this one was well told.  

L. Moeller English Teacher and Librarian 

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