Sunday, November 11, 2018

Slayer by Kiersten White - HIGH

Slayer by Kiersten White, 416 pages.  Simon and Schuster, JAN 2019.  $19.

Language: R (82 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: G (some LGBT characters); Violence: PG-13 (lots of fighting)



Buffy may have broken the world and the rules of magic, but Nina (Athena) and her sister Artemis, the twin daughters of Buffy’s first watcher, and the rest of the members of the Council of Watchers are still watching.  Nina has never been allowed to train as a Watcher and Artemis failed the test. But then Nina is confronted by a demon and she and all of the rest around her realize that Nina was the last Chosen Slayer – given her powers before everything was broken.  So, Nina may be a Slayer, but she has no skills, no training, and her own mother is vehemently against her doing anything Slayer-y. Worse in Nina’s eyes – her secret Watcher is Leo, her childhood crush who has just reappeared after a long absence. Let the wild rumpus begin!

OMG!  Anyone who grew up with Buffy will absolutely love this. And think that it will create many new converts to the Buffy-verse.  Because I am so well-versed in all things Buffy, I have a hard time knowing what this would be like for a first timer.  But the danger, the fighting, the intrigues, the laughter and even the romances all combine for a heady reading experience.  I think it will do very well.  Now – time to break out my Buffy again.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

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