Sunday, November 25, 2018

People Kill People by Ellen Hopkins - PUBLIC ONLY

People Kill People by Ellen Hopkins, 431 pages, Margaret K McElderry Books, 2018. $19.99.

 Language: R (100+ swears) 32 'f's); Mature Content: R (sexually explicit, teen drug and alcohol use); Violence: R.



When an old man accidentally kills his wife, he sells the gun through a newspaper ad to a teenager. It could have been any of the 6 teens in this story, they all want a gun and feel they have a good reason to own one. We follow their stories for one very tense week, hoping it's not each them, learning their stories and dreading what we know will happen. 

Hopkins presents a very difficult read which is compelling, edgy and graphic.  Written in verse (for the most part) the story is told from so many perspectives, I found myself taking notes to remember how the characters were related. Full of sex and violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, politics, hatred, racial stereotyping, mental illness, and teen drama and much, much more, it is way too mature for a school library. 

Lisa Librarian

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