Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sailing to Freedom by Martha Bennett Stiles -ADVISABLE

Stiles, Martha Bennett Sailing to Freedom 256 pgs. Henry Holt and Co, 2012. $10.19.  (Rating: G)
Ray wants nothing more than to go to sea with his father. But instead his dad gives him a monkey, Allie, and goes to sea without him. Ray ends up getting his wish anyway, sailing with his Uncle Thad’s crew. When Ray finds out that the ship is carrying a stowaway, he wants to help but knows they are all in danger. In the meantime a young slave boy named Ogun and his mother are escaping by land, trying to find freedom. The two stories eventually meet up in a wonderful way.
This book has a very authentic historical fiction feel, including complex language. At time I had a hard time following Ogun’s story part of the time because of this. So I think that might make this book a better read for older elementary students. I loved the character of Allie the monkey, she made the story as far as I am concerned! Not a pirate story, but will appeal to those students interested in that genre.
ELEMENTARY–ADISABLE Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate & Author.

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