Wednesday, March 24, 2021

This is How We Fly by Ana Merino - OPTIONAL

This is How We Fly by Ana Merino
, 461 pages. CHAPTER BOOK. Philomel Books (Penguin), 2020. $ 19. 

Language: R (7 swears, 4 “f”); Mature Content: PG-13 (non-descript ‘bedroom’ scene); Violence: G 



Ellen plans to spend every last moment of summer with her two best friends before they each head to different colleges in Texas. When Ellen is grounded for the entire summer by her seemingly evil stepmother, all her plans are crushed. Ellen and one of her BFFs, Melissa, convince her parents to let her join the local Quidditch team. An all-gender, full-contact game, although Quidditch isn't quite what Ellen expected... There's no flying, no magic... just a bunch of 'kids' holding PVC pipe between their legs and throwing dodgeballs. Ellen, who has never liked sports, is thrown into a very different world; her life is all practices, training, and running with a group of Harry Potter fans. When not at Quidditch, Ellen is tasked with chores and cleaning out the overfull garage and wonders if things with her dad and step-mother would be easier if she was a boy and not such a feminist. Overall, Ellen learns that she needs to stick up for herself and the things she wants. 

I really liked this, it was a cute “coming of age” story that I think many would relate to. The story focuses on Ellen and how she is so passionate about being a feminist and trying to keep her family from fighting. It also dealt a lot with self-identity and sexuality. 

Reviewer: Jenn J. 

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