Sunday, March 21, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Coronavirus Timeline by Matt Doeden - ADVISABLE

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Coronavirus Timeline by Matt Doeden,
48 pages. NON-FICTION Lerner, 2021. $32 



In 2019, when a mysterious illness was discovered in Wuhan, China, no one could have imagined that in only a few months a Global Pandemic would change everything, shutting down schools, businesses, restaurants and life as we knew it. With doctors and scientists learning how to treat patients and looking for a vaccine, governors and politicians stepped in to try to control the spread. 

From the 1st cases in Wuhan, to toying with the possibility of a quickly developed vaccine, Matt Doeden has given us a well developed timeline, perfect for young readers. Mostly narrative non-fiction, with a few side bars spotlighting individuals and their contributions, politics are put aside, for the most part, with a mention of the protests surrounding George Floyd as an event people felt strongly about attending despite their concerns with the pandemic. It's hard to feel like a book published so quickly is complete, however, it's well written with photographs throughout, with a timeline and source notes. I'm excited to see the response from my middle schoolers - this is actual history they experienced.

Lisa Librarian

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