Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Daughter of the White Rose by Diane Zahler - ADVISABLE

Daughter of the White Rose
by Diane Zahler
, 246 pages. Holiday House, 2021. $19

Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content PG; Violence: PG 



Twelve-year old Nell is born the same day as Prince Edward, heir to the throne of England. Nell’s father, a butcher, provides meat to the exiled queen, during her time of confinement and subsequently, Nell grows up with Edward. Nell intermingles with the royal family and is caught between two worlds, not quite fitting in with either. Nell’s days of feasts, watching dances, and archery practice end quickly when Edward’s father dies suddenly and rather suspiciously. Prince Edward and his little brother are imprisoned in the Tower of London by their power-hungry uncle, Richard III, who crowns himself king. Nell becomes imprisoned with them and it could be her bravery that ends up rescuing them. 

 This period of history comes alive through Nell’s voice. Historically accurate descriptions made me feel like I was stepping into the 15th century without being irritated by wordy explanations. The characters are relatable and believable and I found myself rooting for Nell and the royals, making Richard’s power grab even more reprehensible. There is a timeline at the back of actual events. Engrossing and informative. 

 Michelle in the Middle 

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