Monday, February 8, 2021

It Sounded Better in My Head by Nina Kenwood - HIGH

It Sounded Better in My Head
by Nina Kenwood,
272 pages. Flatiron Books, 2020. $19

Language: R (1 swear, 5 'f'); Mature Content: PG13 (teen sexual situations, teen drinking) Violence: G.



18yo Natalie has always felt "less than." When she was in her early teens she had pretty severe acne. Now, it's under control, but her self image and the scars on her back are keeping her from being the outgoing funny person she could be.  Her best friends Zach and Lucy are in a relationship with each other, and while Natalie doesn't mind being a third wheel, it's still awkward. But a family beach retreat (with Zach's family) over New Years provides some unexpected sleeping arrangements, and suddenly Natalie finds herself it what might be her first romance. But can she let things happen naturally, or is her self confidence going to sabotage it?

Nina Kenwood's debut novel is a treat.  Natalie is so funny and sweet, I would have loved her as a best friend in high school.  A great teen rom-com but definitely on the mature side, nothing graphic on page, but there are certainly a lot of mature conversations and situations.  Too mature for my middle schoolers, but for older YA readers - - they will love it, I did. 

Lisa Librarian

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