Friday, February 5, 2021

Gridiron by Fred Bowen and James E. Ransome - ESSENTIAL

Gridiron: Stories From 100 Years of the National Football League by Fred Bowen, illustrated by James E. Ransome
. NONFICTION PICTURE BOOK. Simon & Schuster. 2020. $20. 9781481481120 



Football stories follow the creation of the NFL to the Super Bowl of today. The league began in an automobile showroom and was decimated during World War II. Stories range from the Ice Bowl to advances in the game. 

 As a fringe football fan, I wasn’t sure about this book, but it sucked me in. The stories were well written and engaging and the art phenomenal. The stories were just the right length. This is a great book to spark interest in football and true fans will either remember some of the greats or use this as a jumping off place to learn even more. These stories are interesting whether or not you like football. 

Michelle in the Middle 

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