Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Double the Danger, Zero the Zucchini by Betsy Uhrig - ESSENTIAL

Double the Danger, Zero the Zucchini by Betsy Uhrig
, 291 pages. McElderry (Simon), 2021. $18 

Content: G (mild danger) 



12yo Alex Harmon prefers to run over sitting still and reading. When his Aunt Lu asks him to be a test reader for her book, he is quite rightfully bored. But if she can spice it up, she has a willing agent. Alex, with the help of his friends, has ideas for a totally new direction for the book. He is even willing to risk life and limb to try out the major stunts he proposes! Alex’s antics had me laughing out loud! 

 I can’t believe this is Uhrig’s first book – she had me cracking up and reading many parts out loud to my student aide (yes – loved it so much that I just had to sneak reading during the school day. Here’s one brilliant part for you: “You know, most times when a person says, ‘I think I’ll write a book’ the next thing you say isn’t ‘Uh-oh, someone’s going to get hurt.” Now go read it! 

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS 

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