Saturday, February 13, 2021

Heroes Level Up by Tom O’Donnell - ESSENTIAL

Heroes Level Up (Homerooms & Hall Passes #2) by Tom O’Donnell
, 416 pages. Balzer + Bray (Harper), 2020. $17 

Content G (Some danger) 



When the Briandalorian adventurers find June Westray’s cell phone in a random bazaar, they seek out Albiorix. Reluctantly, Albiorix reprises his role as Hall Master. But as the group prepares to go back to Suburbia, they must face the wilds of high school! The makers have created more difficult tasks – starting them as lowly freshmen and challenging them to throw epic parties, join winning teams and other such. All along, a group of unscrupulous Briandalorians are moving to thwart their every move. 

Huzzah! Welcome back to an epic twist on Dungeons and Dragons. I had a grand time adventuring with the gang. I have a feeling this is the last of the series, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be wrong. 

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS 

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