Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Saltwater Secrets by Cindy Callaghan - ADVISABLE

 Saltwater Secrets by Cindy Callaghan, 275 pages. Aladdin, 2020. $19 

Content: G 



Half-sisters, Stella and Josie live on different continents, but every summer they spend with their dad at the Jersey Shore. They love the ocean, the waves, the boardwalk, all the little shops and especially their secret spot under the pier. There they have box, buried in the sand, with memories from all their summers together. It is their secret. They discover that something is killing the jellyfish and eroding the wooden supports for the pier. As they work on unraveling this mystery, they realize they might be in over their heads. Can they solve the mystery before the whole pier collapses and injure or kill a lot of people?

A fast read and fun mystery. The sisters clash a little at the beginning and summer isn't off to the start they usually have. With all the things going on, they realize they must work together if they are going to figure out who is poisoning the sea. I love mysteries and this was a fun and easy read. I liked how the Stella and Josie realize that they need to trust each other and rely on each other to work out what is going on. The story is told by Josie and Stella, in alternating sections. 

 Ellen-Anita, LMS 

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