Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ghostology by Lucinda Curtle - ADVISABLE

 Ghostology: A true revelation of spirits, ghouls and hauntings by Lucinda Curtle and Dougald Steer, Yvonne Gilbert, Garry Walton, Doug Sirois. ACTIVITY BOOK. Candlewick Press, 2020. $28. 9781536209150



Have you ever heard unexplained noises at night? footsteps across an upstairs floor when no one was there? Doors opening and closing? I would like to put together my own ghostologist field kit just for fun. The books tells of a set of trickster twins, a woman ghost screaming for help and much, much more.

Definitely a fun read! It is also a great addition to the other -ology books. Several years ago students made me aware of these books. My libraries had copies of all of -ologies and it was hard to keep them on the shelf. I was worried about my young grandson (age 8) finding Ghostoloy and being scared. It is like he had a radar zoomed in on this book. He went for it and loved it. He was not scared at all and we have already had several phone conversations about this book. I highly recommend it. What a fun book to read!  

Ellen-Anita, LMS 

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