Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Twins by Varian Johnson - HIGH

Twins by Varian Johnson, 256 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL. Scholastic, 2020, $13.

Content G



Francine and Maureen are twins heading into 6th grade and middle school.  Always together, Maureen is upset when Francine wants to head in a different direction and go by Fran.  Maureen feels betrayed and feelings come to a head when they run against each other for class president.

If you have a sibling you’ve always felt compared to or thought was better than you, this could be your book.  It’s a fast read, and the twins have believable and distinct personalities, which the author, also a twin, has captured well.  I didn’t like the idea that a store would go out of business for one employee’s mistake though. The election proves a nice backdrop for showcasing the sibling’s strengths and weaknesses and how sometimes we don’t look outward to see people for who they really are, especially the ones closest to us.

Michelle in the Middle

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