Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kenzie Kickstarts a Team by Kit Rosewater - OPTIONAL

Kenzie Kickstarts a Team (The Derby Daredevils) by Kit Rosewater, 151 pages. Amulet Books (Abrams), 2020, $15.

Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content PG; Violence: G



Fifth grader Kenzie has dreamed of being on a roller derby team as long as she can remember.  Together with her best friend, Shelly, they want to try out for a derby team.  In order to stay together, they need to put together a team of five girls before tryouts.  This causes some changes in the girls’ friendships as they go from being besties to team players. 

Yay, a book for roller derby girls!  Though sadly, there isn’t a whole lot of plot besides the title.  Kenzie puts together a team and she struggles with putting Bree on the team because she has feelings for her.  Fifth grade seems a little young to be thinking of relationships, though there isn’t anything beyond feelings and brushing fingertips. The ending leaves the book open for a sequel, yet wraps up the storyline.  This is friendship/relationship angst with a dose of derby. 

Michelle in the Middle

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