Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Clean Getaway by Nic Stone - ESSENTIAL

Clean Getaway by Nic Stone, 240 pages. Crown Books for Young Readers (Penguin Random House), 2020. $17.

Content: G.



When 11yo William (Scoob) gets suspended for fighting he is sent to spend some time with his grandma over spring break. Turns out, she has sold her home and purchased an RV, and she has planned to take Scoob with her on a road trip she and his grandfather took back in 1968. The original trip was fraught with trouble as grandma is white and her husband was black, and they had to use the Green Book to be sure they were staying in places that were safe - but as a mixed race couple, even those places weren't always welcoming. Scoob knows very little about his grandfather -his father has told him he was thief and spent the rest of his life in prison - but on this trip he gets a first hand account from his grandma about him.  Except, Grandma is acting very strange and is not answering his dad's phone calls. Might Scoob actually be in danger?

I loved seeing the civil rights era put into perspective with the Grandma's retelling of her first hand experiences with racism. Nic Stone's "Dear Martin" is popular and "Clean Getaway" will really appeal to the younger readers who aren't ready for the intensity of Martin. Fun cover picture, too.

Lisa Librarian

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