Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Runaway Princess by Johan Troianowski - ESSENTIAL

The Runaway Princess by Johan Troianowski, 266 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL. Random House Graphic (Random House Children’s Books), 2020. $13.

Content: G



Robin runs away from her princess etiquette class to attend a festival in another part of the kingdom, making friends along the way. After returning to the castle, Princess Robin stumbles upon more adventures near and far. Help her escape evil witches, find her way through mazes, and more, so she and her friends can get safely home -- again!

Princess Robin's adventures are a delight to read! While they don't use much logic, I see their nonsensical nature as a strength. With the book encouraging silliness, readers' imaginations are freed from normal bounds and allowed to accept the unexpected surprises Troianowski offers. My favorite parts are the interactive bits -- I got funny looks for going along with the instructions, but helping the princess and her friends gave me so much joy that I didn't care!

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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