Thursday, February 27, 2020

Beyonce: Queen of the Spotlight by Ebony Joy Wilkins - OPTIONAL

Beyonce: Queen of the Spotlight by Ebony Joy Wilkins, 144 pages. NON-FICTION, BIOGRAPHY. Random House, 2020. $8.

Content: G



Ever since she was born, Beyonce has been singing and dancing. She doesn’t let insults, mistakes, or depression hold her back from her dreams. Through hard work, Beyonce has become an award-winning singer-songwriter, a loving sister and aunt, an actress, an advocate for what she believes, and a mother.

Wilkins does a good job simplifying the events in Beyonce’s life that has led to where she is now. I enjoyed the quick, short experiences that talk about her, and the fast pace will help keep the attention of young readers, too. The non-fiction narrative was dry at times, but I like how Wilkins gives readers lists, pictures, and explanations of music business lingo and important people in Beyonce’s life throughout the book.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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