Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Otherwood by Pete Hautman - ADVISABLE

Otherwood by Pete Hautman, 303 pages.  Candlewick Press, 2018.  $17.  

Content: Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG.  



Stuey and his best friend, Elly Rose, like to meet in the woods in their magical spot under a canopy of decaying trees.  One day while they are sitting on a rock, Elly starts to disappear, and Stuey doesn’t know how to make her stay because she has fallen into another dimension.  The fall out of Elly’s disappearance is devastating, but in Elly’s version of the world, Stuey is the one missing.  Stuey remembers his grandfather telling him about his great-grandfather disappearing in these same woods, and as Stuey starts to recover the story of the past, he hopes to align the two dimensions.  

What a creative story.  I loved the mystery of the past with Stuey’s grandfather and the idea of the two dimensions.  This story telling is great and the story felt believable.  Fun read. 

Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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