Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Waiting for Fitz by Spencer Hyde - ADVISABLE

Waiting for Fitz by Spencer Hyde, 240 pages. Shadow Mountain, 2019. $18. 9781629725277.

Content: Violence: PG; Mature content: PG; Language: G (0 "swears")



Addie has OCD and its definitely getting out of hand. When she is admitted to the juvenile inpatient psychiatric ward, she makes friends with Fitz--a teenager with schizophrenia who hears voices. Fitz and Addie seem to have an immediate connection, and Addie is willing to risk a whole lot to help Fitz find his way out of the hospital to reach San Juan Island--a place he is sure will help him make peace with some tragedy in his past. In the end, the journey helps them each learn something more about themselves and each other. 

My initial reaction to the first pages of this book was one of hesitancy--Addie and Fitz like witty wordplay and it frankly annoyed me right out of the gate. Once I came to appreciate their characters more, it bothered me less, though. The story is interesting and I enjoyed the journey Addie goes on as she struggles to deal with her OCD and figure out her feelings for Fitz. There were things I really didn't like about the story--things that smacked of being unrealistic compared to a lot of things that were definitely realistic--but overall I found myself wrapped up in the story from beginning to end. The title is a spin on Waiting for Godot and I really really liked the connections made with that. This is a totally clean read as it relates to language; PG ratings for content simply because of the reality of mental illness and some of the scary things related to it. 

Reviewer: TC

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